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"The Electro Wunderkind"  


New album Liquid Mirrors is in the making to be released in 2023

Listen and buy here: Porsche 911 the remixes


Playing live with Manorlogic at E-Live Festival 2022 in Eindhoven

 Meeting electronic music legend and Yello founder Carlos Perón.

In my Midistudio with my instruments 



On 26th, October I played two concerts at the E-Live Festival (Photo by Phil Booth)


Meeting Daniel Bressanutti (Front 242, Daniel B. Prothese, NbN)

 Meeting synth legend Rob Papen

Meeting Elektronische Maschine

Meeting Midge Ure



At the Schallwelle Awards 2018 I became 3rd in the newcomer category. 



In May 2018 I released a collaboration track with Tommy Betzler.



With Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream and Tommy Betzler



With Glenn Main



With my friend Rainer Schramke of RSD Radio



With Harald Gramberg and Dad



With Sankt Otten after their concert in Osnabrück





Last update: 30.03.2022

Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.