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The worlds youngest electronic musician

"Synthesizers are my hobby, my setup and my lifestyle"



Stay tuned for my first album CD which will be released the next days by Groove Unlimited.



On 6th, July I opened Winnie´s Schwingungen Gardenparty with playing an Ambient improvisation. (Photo by Phil Booth)



On 22nd, June I took part in the final jam session of The Electronic Spectrum Experience in Groningen.



My new track "Countdown" will be released on my first album CD soon.



In May 2018 I released the first piece of music I did in collaboration with Tommy Betzler: https://ansgar1.bandcamp.com/track/floating-minds



Me with my friend Rainer Schramke of RSD Radio



On 17th February at the Schallwelle Awards, with Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream and Tommy Betzler



I´m a member of the band OSCillin. Our first track "Starman goodbye" has been released by the Aural Films Label

OSCillin are: Matthias Stock, Ansgar Stock, Jens Buchholz (left to right)



With Dad and Harald Gramberg



With Sankt Otten after their concert in Osnabrück



With Alex Franz from synthesizer company Novation



With Daniel Hasselkuss of Space Funk Studio





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Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.