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MY WAY into making music




Hello, my name is Ansgar!


I´m a fourteen year old boy from Germany and have many things I like. Among these is playing with my brother and sister and friends, hiking, going to holiday camps, watching docus, playing with my tablet, listening to music and  taking photos at concerts. 

There is also one thing I like very much. This is making music on my own!



This is how I came in contact with making music:

When I was a small child I mainly heard electronic music in my parents house. So I grew up with the music of Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode and others. 


When I was just six years old I told Dad I decided it was time for me to get my own synth.  He recommended me the Korg Monotron and after 3 month of saving I bought it.  In June 2015 I discovered playing chords and harmonies on my own by playing on Dad´s big synths. This was the moment when he recognized I have some talent and it will be worth it to teach everything about music to me.  He took some old keyboards out of the basement and placed them in my childs room.

Yet I was fascinated by seeing him composing in his studio with all the big music machines. So I didn´t let him alone with it until I was allowed to try out the Atari with Cubase. To our surprize this worked really well. Dad remembered still having a backup Atari in the basement, as well as a mixing desk and a drumcomputer. So the idea came up to establish a small music studio for me in the childs room.

I also had a little problem. The normal sized keys were too big for my fingers and the only instrument with minikeys had no Midi...... I heard about the Microkorg a little synthesizer with minikeys, Midi and a professional sound. This thing I wanted to have! By doing household chores I saved about 100 Euros until christmas and got the rest as a christmas present from my family. By posting photos of me getting my Microkorg I found some fans on Facebook. They started a fund to get me a Korg Volca Beats. Thanks guys, that was really great!

In the last days of 2015 I started working on my first track. I´m also a fan of star wars and therefore I had the idea of making a coverversion of the Imperial march. With just a little help by Dad it was finished and released in february 2016 followed by more than 700 plays in three month.

I soon started working on my second track which is my first own composition. For a second time I choose Star Wars as my inspiration. In the end of April 2016 this track called Jedi Cruiser 188 was finished and released on Soundcloud a few days later. Its a long spacy track. Some people say its ambient others call it chillout. In the following month Imperial March and Jedi Cruiser 188 had a lot of plays on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, got shared on Facebook and some electronic music related sites. 


Until the end of 2016 I  bought a professional mixing desk and a Roland JV1080 synthesizer to be able to produce complete tracks in my studio without borrowing instruments from Dad. Some may ask how I managed to get my own home studio just being 7 years old. At home my brother and sister and me do not get fixed pocket money. Instead we get some pay for helping in the household or garden. I´m very diligent and within a few month I can save enough money for some bargains in the small adverts. 


In February 2017 I finished an released my next track Porsche Drive 911. As I´m a big Porsche fan I wanted to compose some music regarding to it. So this time I did a fast and hard techno track. 

Later in 2017 I got several opportunities to try out playing live. The first performance was in my class at school in May, the next one was on 30th September at the synth exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold and finally I played at the Christmas party of my school. 


After some month of break I restarted my studiowork in the end of 2017. First I finished Nature Storm which I started a few month before. Its a track about nature with a little bit of Vangelis style. 

At the same time some radio shows started having interest in me and my music. They played single tracks and in one case they broadcasted a 30 minutes show about me. 

In parallel to this I started the work on a track in cooperation with Tommy Betzler who is the former drummer of Klaus Schulze and now plays for P´Faun, Sequentia Legenda and Picture Palace Music. 

Before this track was completed I founded a band with Dad and our friend Jens Buchholz. Its called OSCillin and in March 2018 we released our first track Starman goodbye. Its a nice and spacy synthpop track with a lot of 80s influence. 


In April 2018 I finished my part of the work on the track with Tommy Betzler. A few weeks later Tommy recorded his drums for it and we released Floating Minds on Bandcamp on 18th May, 2018. The track was liked very much and played a lot on electronic music radio shows. 

From the end of April until the end of May I composed a piece of music in Kraftwerk style.  It will be released in autumn on a compilation of the Kissing Sounds label as a benefit project for the electronic music radio Modul 303. 


I went on with another performance in my class at school at the end of June, 2018.  This was a little farewell concert for a classmate and my teacher. On 7th, July I will have a short performance at the Schwingungen Scheunenparty in Ahlen. This will be my first real performance at a festival stage. 


The second half of 2018 will go on with me being interviewed in a live radio show on radio RSD. Next is composing a track in cooperation with the danish Psytrance and Goa producer Kalle Christensen. In autumn I will also start  another piece of music with Tommy Betzler and friends, as well as playing for the first time at a Techno party together with Dad. Probably I will also do some kind of performance as a part of the next Electronic Circus festival on 29th, September in Detmold. 



On the following sites my musical way is documented year by year



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