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My new album Liquid Mirrors has been released on 5th, April 2024 by Groove Unlimited


My plans for 2023/2024:

2024: Maybe doing my own radioshow.

2024: Reactivating my midi studio. 

2024: Improving the basement studio.

Q3/2024: Playing live at a location in Bochum. Stay tuned!

20.04.2024: Visting E-Day Festival in Eindhoven.


05.04.2024: My new album Liquid Mirrors has been released:

Ansgar Stock Liquid Mirrors

15.03.2024: Starting a new music project with my Dad Matt Stock.

03.03.2024: Premastering of my new album. 

03.03.2024: Final recording of the last track for my new album. 


31.10.2023: Recording of two of four tracks for my next album.

14.10.2023: Taking part in this years Spacers Online Festival. 

07.10.2023: Installation of Behringer Model D synthesizer in the basement studio. 

30.09.2023: Playing live in the RADOM on the mountain Wasserkuppe near Fulda (D).

09/2023: Practicing a lot for the next gig. 

29.07.2023: Meeting with Projekt Ich and FlyFlewRadio. 

27.05.2023: Visiting db2fluctuations Festival in Aarschot. 

20.05.2023: Visiting E Day Festival in Eindhoven.

12.05.2023: Playing an online concert at Nick´s virtual garage. 

28.04.2023: Release of the Carlos Perón remix of Running Electrons.

15.04.2023: Final recording of the last track for the online gig on 12th, May. 

25.03.2023: Final recording of Liquid Mirrors Part 2. 

11./12.03.2023: Working on Liquid Mirrors Part 2, testing the Boss SX700.

10.03.2023: Final recording of Liquid Mirrors Part 3. 

03./04.03.2023: Recording a live video of my new track Liquid Mirrors Part 3. 

25.02.2023: Carlos Perón remixed my track Running Electrons.

01-02/2023: Extending my basement studio where I´m recording DAWless live tracks.

17.01.2023: Buying another Mininova and Neunaber Immerse reverb pedal for my basement studio.   


23.11.2022: Playing an Ambient and Berlin School live set at Theaterpassage Osnabrück. 

12.11.2022: Playing the Porsche 911 with the EBM Band Manorlogic at E-Live Festival in Eindhoven. 

29.04.2022: The Matt Stock Remix of Porsche 911 is featured on Der Eisenberg Sampler 12. 

14.04.2022: Release of my new album Porsche 911 the remixes. 

27.03.2022: My remix album has been sent to the label for release. 

12.03.2022: Visiting the private concert of Elektronische Maschine in Rotterdam. 


14.11.2021: Here is the video of Running Electrons:

09.08.2021: Meeting electronic music legend and Yello founder Carlos Perón in his studio. 

07-08/2021: Recreating my track Porsche Drive 911 for an improved recording. 

08.06.2021: My track "A new journey" has been chosen for the compilation. 

30.05.2021: Finishing my new track for the compilation contest.

02.05.2021: Release of my new single Running Electrons on Bandcamp. 

04-05/2021: Working on a new track for a compilation project. 

09.04.2021: Radio release of Rodrigo Passannantis version of Porsche Drive 911. 

25.03.2021: Working on another new track for the next album.

20.03.2021: Schiller radio played Circles of time as an opener of their show.  

06.03.2021: Finished the basetrack for the collaboration.

22.02.2021: Recieved the Porsche Drive Remix of Nature of wires.

13.02.2021: Recieved the Porsche Drive Remix of ZeeJay.  

02/2021: Setting up a rehearsal room in the basement.  

31.01.2021: Buying a Korg Poly 800 synthesizer. 

25.01.2021: Buying a Casio VZ-1 synthesizer. 

18.01.2021: Recieved the Porsche Drive Remix of Rodrigo Passannanti. 

08.01.2021: Finally getting an expanded Atari 1040 STE for unlimited composing. 

07.01.2021: Starting work on a track with a new collaboration partner.


09.12.2020: Marcel Bär made a fantastic psytrance remix of  Porsche Drive 911 

04.12.2020: Release of Start the game by The Stock Twins.

30.11.2020: Christmas Melody and Springtime Memories on heavy rotation in Artefaktor Radios christmas program.

16.11.2020: Getting another very cheap Yamaha SY-22 for my live setup.

26./27.09.2020: Having a nice synthesizer weekend in a friends studio.  

21.09.2020: Adding an EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

19.09.2020: Release of my new track Circles of time

06.06.2020: Release of my EP-CDr Students Disco

27.05.2020: Release of the collaboration track "First counterstrike" together with Globotom and Matthias Stock.

04-05/2020: Doing a lot of studiowork.

01.03.2020: Starting a new composition.

29.02.2020: Visting the Schallwelle Awards in Schwerte. 

26.02.2020: Preparing Students Disco for future live performances. 

24.02.2020: Final recording of Students Disco. 

21.01.2020: Doing a demo recording of Students Disco. 

13.01.2020: My new piece of music called "Students Disco" will be released as an EP CDr soon. 




25.12.2019: Restarting studiowork and composing a synthpop track for my school. 

24.12.2019: The remix I did together will Dad for Globotom will be played at Secklow 105.5 fm radio station. 

23.12.2019: Final system check in my new studio and preparing the next music production. 

19.12.2019: First system check of my new studio and going back to studiowork the next days. 

12.12.2019: Finally getting the missing cables for wiring my studio. 

07.12.2019: Meeting Midge Ure and Tiny Magnetic Pets at their concerts in Osnabrück. 

28.11.2019: Restart of studiowork has to wait a little because I´m missing a lot of cables to completely rewire my studio. 

23.11.2019: Private meeting with Sankt Otten. Visiting the concert of Moonbooter and Ron Boots in Münster. 

03.11.2019: My live version of Oxygene 4 has been played by Electrocurated with Colin Spencer. 

28./29.10.2019: Moving the studio to a new room. 

26.10.2019: Playing two sets at E-Live Festival in Oirschot. 

24.10.2019: Final rehearsal for the gigs at the E-Live Festival. 

12.10.2019: Radio El Stacja from Poland will play a few tracks of my album. 

11.10.2019: The HOT BUT DARK Show on FlyFlewRadio will play one of my tracks. 

06.10.2019: Starting practicing for the gigs at E-Live Festival. 

05.10.2019: Setting up my live equipment in a new room which will be my studio in the future. 

03./04.10.2019: Recording announcements for the coming radio shows playing my music. 

30.09.2019: 1000th follower on my Facebook page. He wins a private visit to my new studio. 

28.09.2019: Playing a short set at the Electronic Circus Festival in Stadthalle Detmold. 

27.09.2019: Visiting the Pre Gig Dinner of the Electronic Circus Festival. 

22.09.2019: Playing live at Weltkindertag Osnabrück 2019. 

10.09.2019: Restarting practicing for the next gig. 

05.09.2019: Adding a new live gig for 22nd, September at Weltkindertag Osnabrück. 

01.09.2019: Adding the six videos of my recent gig to the "My YouTube" site. 

26.08.-01.09.2019: Episode 1 - A new generation has been album of the week at Best Music Radio. 

24.08.2019: Playing live at the Schallwende Party in Ahlen. 

22.08.2019: 51L Mission gets played by Best Music Radio in the Highway to the music show and Porsche Drive 911 on the Fused Wireless Program on Artefaktor Radio. Packing my live setup for the gig on saturday. 

21.08.2019: Last rehearsal for my gig on saturday. 

20.08.2019: Release of Globotom´s Remixes album featuring two tracks with my participation.

19.08.2019: Porsche Drive 911 was played in the Sneek Peek Show at Artefaktor Radio. 

18.08.2019: Release of my first album CD "Episode 1 - A new generation"

16.08.2019: Radio premiere of my new track 51L Mission in the New Age with Rainer show at RSD Radio. 

15.08.2019: Best Music Radio played Countdown in the Highway to the music show. 

08.08.2019: Restarting practicing for my next live gig. 

29.07.-07.08.2019: I´m in holiday. Visiting the north sea, going swimming, visiting Berlin, etc. 

28.07.2019: Playing a private concert in Esens for my family. 

25.07.2019: Sending the tracks for my album and the cover photo to the record company. 

21./22.07.2019: Developing my recent Ambient improvisation into a new track while practicing. 

16.07.2019: Visiting the concert of Globotom in Bielefeld. Interkontinental has been played in the Steve Jordan Synthesizer Show. 

15.07.2019: Setting up my live equipment for the next gig and practicing under live conditions. 

14.07.2019: Shooting the cover photo for my debut album inside my studio.

12.07.2019: The new version of Nature Storm had its premiere at Radio RSD in the New Age with Rainer Show. 

06.07.2019: Opening Winnies Schwingungen Gardenparty with playing 20 minutes of Ambient music. 

22.06.2019: Visiting Electronic Spectrum Experience in Groningen and taking part in the final jam session. 

17.06.2019: Countdown has reached position 20 in the annual Artefaktor Top 50 charts. Final recording of the new version of Nature Storm. Also preparing it for live performances. 

16.06.2019: Nature Storm has been played in the Pat´s Picks Show on the Seattle radio station KMIH 889 The Bridge.

12.06.2019: Interkontinental and Imperial March have been played at TheElectrowaveShow by Stuart Calder on Artefaktor Radio. 

10.06.2019: Interkontinental has been played at Artefaktor Radio in the Sneek Peek show by Steve Jordan. Countdown is on Hippiesland On Air at Underground Äxpärten. 

08.06.2019: Reworking Nature Storm and practicing playing live. 

06.06.2019: Countdown has been played at Indie Rocks UK. Started reworking my track Nature Storm. 

03.06.2019: Imperial March has been played at Artefaktor Radio in Steve Jordan´s Sneek Peek Show. Final recording of "51L Mission" and preparing it for live performances.

29.-31.05.2019: More airplay on Artefaktor Radio in various radio shows.

27.05.2019: Countdown has been played on Sneek Peek Show on Artefaktor Radio. 

24.05.2019: A new record. Countdown has been played on three radio stations within 2 hours. 

18./19.05.2019: I got a visit from fans and showed them my studio and how I start composing. 

14.05.2019: Finally recording "Countdown" and preparing it for live performances. 

12.05.2019: Starting practicing for playing live went well.  

05.05.2019: Mixing the new tracks and recording first demo versions. 

09.04.2019: Getting a 3D effect processor. 

07.04.2019: Visiting some musician friends. 

06.04.2019: Visiting E-Day Festival in the Netherlands and getting a contract for the release of my first album CD. 

04/2019: Working on a remix project together with my Dad. 

02.04.2019: Going on with Studiowork. 

29.03.2019: Finishing sampling for the new track. 

22.-24.03.2019: Going on with studiowork. 

12.03.2019: Finishing the tracklist for my first album which should be released in September. 

10.03.2019: Going on with studiowork.

06.03.2019: Getting a Novation Bass Station 2 synthesizer. 

03.03.2019: Going on with studiowork for the next track. Ordering a Novation Bass Station 2 synthesizer. 

16.02.2019: Visiting the Schallwelle Awards in Schwerte and becoming 3rd as a newcomer and 20th as an artist in general. 

15.02.2019: Return to studiowork for a new track with support of a female singer. 

10.02.2019: Finally my studio is operational again after a few changes and taking a small break during the last weeks. 

03.02.2019: Springtime Memories has been played in the Frank Tischer Show on Radio Modul 303, starting at 11 p.m.

02.02.2019: Nature Storm and Springtime Memories have been played on the Schallwelle Special Show on Radio Sunrise. 

27./28.01.2019: My track Floating Minds has been played in the Soundtag Special Show on Radio Modul 303.

17.01.2019: I have been nominated for maybe winning the Schallwelle Award in the category newcomer 2018. 

05.01.2019: My new track "Christmas melody" has been played on Harald Grambergs radio show Chillzone Vol.8 .

03.01.2019: Getting a second studio rack and installing it in my studio. 




30.12.2018: Making a just for fun video of Christmas melody during a hiking tour:

29.12.2018: Christmas melody had its radio premiere at the STYLZ radio show by Norman van Krimpen on Merwe Radio.

27.12.2018: Ordering a second studiorack for expanding my studio in 2019.

24.12.2018: Final mix, recording and release of Christmas melody:

20./23.12.2018: Studiowork for a new piece of music to be released very soon. 

17.12.2018: Please vote for me to get a good position at the Schallwelle Awards. I´m listed in the category "Best artist"

15.12.2018: Floating Minds, my cooperation with Thommy Betzler has been played at the STYLZ! radio show at Merwe Radio in the Netherlands. Thank you very much Norman van Krimpen. 

08.12.2018: First airplay on a FM radio station. Porsche Drive 911 has been played at Lokaal 7 in the Netherlands. 

01.12.2018: Here is my new track of music:

01.12.2018: "Deep Space Alien Encounter" had its premiere in Harald Grambergs radio show.

25.11.20218: Springtime Memories has been played in Claus Jahns radioshow Music of Dreams Vol. 52 at Modul 303. Tune in at 9 p.m. 

23.11.2018: Recording a shortened radio mix of Deep Space Alien Encounter for radio play. 

22.11.2018: Here is Globotoms "Durch die Eifel zum Nürburgring" -remix of Porsche Drive 911:

21.11.2018: Recording single tracks of "Deep Space Alien Encounter" for live performances and remix projects.

20.11.2018: Globotom is the first musician ever who finished a remix of my music. He remixed Porsche Drive 911. Thank you very much, Globotom. (coming soon)

19.11.2018: Final mix and recording of "Deep Space Alien Encounter". Recording an announcement for the radio of premiere of the track on Radio Sunrise.

15.11.2018: We have to move the session with Harald Gramberg to another date because Dad became sick.

14.11.2018: Getting a rack on wheels for an improved live setup. 

13.11.2018: Reactivating the Ansgar remix project  (see also 04.03.2017). Stay tuned!

11.11.2018: Despite having a big cold I spent 30 minutes in the studio and finished my Techno track. 

10.11.2018: Here is my new piece of music. "Springtime Memories" featuring Claus Jahn.

09.11.2018: Getting a new rack mixer for an improved live setup. Adding new page "Fan-Art".

07.11.2018: For next years live setup I got a compressor. 

05.11.2018: My Techno track "Deep Space Alien Encounter" is now ca. 90% finished. 

03.11.2018: Claus Jahn is finishing the track I started in his studio on 2nd, October. This piece of music will be finished and released soon. Stay tuned!

31.10.2018: Going on composing the Techno track. 

27./28.10.2018: Working in Dad´s studio for finishing a Techno track I started in early September. 

21.10.2018: Going on with studiowork on a new track I started in August. 

11.10.2018: Getting my own Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer. 

06./07.10.2018: Rewiring my studio. 

02.10.2018: Visiting Claus Jahn in his studio and improvising a short track. Could be a start for another cooperation (not the one mentioned below).

01.10.2018: After visiting the Electronic Circus Festival a new musical cooperation will become very likely. Watch the photos of me at the festival (coming soon) and you will easily guess it.  ;)

29.09.2018: Taking part in the synth exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold.

09/2018: Composing and practicing a new piece of music with Dad for the Electronic Circus festival. 

06./07.09.2018: Composing Techno music and practicing playing live for the Electronic Circus. 

03.09.2018: A friend picked up a Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer for me. I will get it the next weeks. 

02.09.2018: First practicing for the coming live events. 

26.08.2018: Going on with studiowork. 

25.08.2018: Floating Minds, my track in collaboration with Tommy Betzler has been posted by the australian podcast

22.08.2018: Started composing a new track. 

19.08.2018: Producing a prerecording for live performances of my track Interkontinental.

19.08.2018: My track Interkontinental will be played in Music of Dreams Vol.38 at radio Modul 303 starting at 9 p.m

11./12.08.2018: Second private session with some EM musicians. 

10.08.2018: Jedi Cruiser 188 is featured on this weeks episode of the Syndae Podcast:

04.08.2018: My track Jedi Cruiser 188 has been released by the Aural Films label on the Klaus Schulze Birthday Tribute:

23.07.2018: Playing live at another festival in 2019 has become very likely. 

22.07.2018: published a report about my radio interview on RSD Radio:

20.07.2018: Taking a break from musical things for the rest of the month and enjoying summer holidays. 

19.07.2018: I was live in the New Age Show of Rainer Tyson Schramke at RSD Radio. 

14.07.2018: My new track Interkontinental has been released on the Outside the Box compilation of the Kissing Sounds label.

14.07.2018: Private barbeque party and music session with my OSCillin bandmates and Christian Ahlers aka Battery Dead.

09.07.2018: A one hour special about me, Dad and our friends has been broadcastet on Undergroud Äxpearten radio. 

08.07.2018: Floating Minds has been played on the Music of Dreams radio show, starting at 9 p.m. on radio Modul 303.

07.07.2018: Playing live in Ahlen at the Schwingungen Scheunenparty was a big success.

06.07.2018: Final rehearsal for the live performance tomorrow worked very well. 

29.06.2018: The patchbays for the studio modification arrived. Visiting the Live am See festival with Kraz, NO MORE and Anne Clark in Meschede. 

28.06.2018: The online music magazin released a report about me and my music. Look at:

25.06.2018: Playing "Nature storm", an improvisation and Porsche Drive 911 live in my class at school. 

24.06.2018: I got a request from a music magazine to make a story about me. More infos about this when its getting concrete. 

23.06.2018: Ordering patchbays for a future modification of my studio. Final practicing for my live performance on Monday.

20./21.06.2018: Some little practising for the coming live performances. 

18.06.2018: My track for the Outside the box compilation has arrived at the record label. 

15.06.2018: My autograph cards have arrived and will be available on the Schwingungen Scheunenparty in Ahlen on 7th, July. If I have some left after this event it will be possible to order them here. 

14.06.2018: Nature Storm and Porsche Drive 911 have been played in the New Age Show of Rainer Tyson Schramke at Radio RSD and Radio Modul 303. 

10.06.2018: Invitation from RSD Radio for visiting a live Radio show with interview. 

09.06.2018: Final mixdown of my track for the "Outside the box" compilation by Kissing Sounds for Radio Modul 303. 

08.06.2018: Another musical collaboration becomes very likely but not before the end of this year. The first edition of Ansgar autograph cards have been designed and ordered. Its limited to 60 pieces. 

07.06.2018: Organized myself another live performance in my class on 25th, June. 

03.06.2018: Big progress in practising playing live. That was ready for stage and still five weeks left until the performance. 

02.06.2018: Floating Minds has been played at the Electronic Fusion#143 Show by Jos Verboven/Brainvoyager for Germany, UK and Venezuela. 

01.06.2018: Creating final live setup of instruments for the performance on 7th, July. Me and Dad got an invitation to play live at a Techno event in autumn.  

28.05.2018: Basically finishing my new track. Final mixdown in a few days. 

27.05.2018: Fourth and last sampling session for the track in progress. 

24./25.05.2018: Making good progress with the new track which is now at ca. 75%.

22.05.2018: Third sampling session for the new track. Practising playing live. 

21.05.2018: Second sampling session for the new track. 

19.05.2018: Floating Minds has been played on Radio Modul 303.

18.05.2018: Release of Floating Minds the first piece of music in cooperation with Tommy Betzler.

17.05.2018: Laurent Schieber from Sequentia Legenda did the cover artwork for Tommy and me. 

15.05.2018: "Ansgar and his knights and heroes". Thats the name for the project with Tommy Betzler.... and others. I will continue my work with Tommy but the project will be open for other musicians, too. The first track will be released in a few days. 

11.05.2018: Tommy Betzler is playing and recording his drums for the first track we did together. 

09.05.2018: More than 135 plays on Soundcloud today, mainly from Finland. Thanks, great you like my music. 

08.05.2018: Practising for playing live. 

07.05.2018: Sampling session for the new track. 

06.05.2018: Going on with work on the track in progress. 

01.05.2018: Working on new music in Kraftwerk style. 

30.04.2018: Practising for playing live. 

24.04.2018: Visiting the shop in Münster. 

23.04.2018: Starting practising playing live for performance in summer. 

22.04.2018: Composing session with Jens Buchholz in his studio for creating a new OSCillin track. 

21.04.2018: Daniel Hasselkuss visited me and sold me his Yamaha TG55 synthesizer. Starting work on a new track.  

19.04.2018: Visiting the concert of SCHNITT at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück. 

11.04.2018: The new track has been send to my partner. 

10.04.2018: Done! Final recording of a new piece of music. Additional drums will be added by my musical partner. 

01.04.2018: Adding a DBX-166XL compressor to my studio setup. 

30.03.2018: Making big progress in composing. New track is at ca. 80%. 

27.03.2018: Getting a keyboard stand for future live performances. 

24.03.2018: A short video of me recording a new track can be found on the "My Youtube" side. 

19.03.2018Opening a Facebook version of this site.

18.03.2018: Adding an 8 channel denoiser and a 4 channel gate to my setup. 

16.03.2018: Release of "Starman goodbye" the first track I did with Dad and Jens Buchholz as the band OSCillin.

12.03.2018: Final recording of "Starman goodbye". I can now go on with my own music projects again. 

03.03.2018: Visiting the concerts of Moonbooter and Pyramaxx in Münster. 

27.02. 2018: Finally getting a Mininova synthesizer. 

25.02.2018: Next composing session with Jens Buchholz and Dad. Basically finishing our first track "Starman goodbye". 

20./21.02.2018: Going on composing the first title for the planned cooperation. 

17.02.2018: Visiting the Schallwelle Awards in Schwerte. 

11.02.2018: Session in my studio for composing music for the planned band. 

09.02.2018: Going on composing for the first musical collaboration. 

07.02.2018: Producing a prerecording for live performances of the new track. 

04.02.2018: Babaganousha Radio broadcasted a special about me and my music, starting at 6:00 pm. on:

02.02.2018: "Nature Storm" my new piece of music is released on Bandcamp and Soundcloud:

02.02.2018: Final mix, mastering and recording of the new track. 

26.01.2018: Finishing the new track. 

24.01.2018: Another radio station is interested in playing my music. 

21.01.2018: First airplay on radio. Starting a new track, this time together with my sister Astrid. 

19.01.2018: First ever radio airplay on sunday between 10 and 11 p.m. at:

17.01.2018: The track in progress is at ca. 85% and has a title now. 

07.01.2018: Going on with studiowork and making good progress. 

05.01.2018: Starting a new track, working on another and becoming 9 years old. 

02.01.2018: First studiowork of the new year. 




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