Ansgar Live

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Playing a concert in the Radom on top of the mountain Wasserkuppe, 30th Septemer 2023

At the E-Live Festival on 12th, November 2022 with Manorlogic.  (Photo by Phil Booth)

 Live gig at Theaterpassage Osnabrück on 23rd, November 2022. 

Next events:

Q4/2024: Something in the stage of planning with my Dad and another musician. 

Q3/2024: Playing a concert in Bochum. More information coming soon.

Past events:

18. / 30.09.2023: Playing live in the RADOM on the mountain Wasserkuppe near Fulda / 18:00  (D). 

17. / 12.05.2023: Online concert at Nick´s virtual garage

16. / 23.11.2022: Playing an ambient set at Jugend Kulturtage-Theaterpassage Osnabrück / 16:15  (D)

15. / 12.11.2022: E-Live Festival in Eindhoven, CKE + Manorlogic / 18:45  (NL)

14. / 26.10.2019: E-Live Festival in Oirschot, de Enck - Set 1 / 13:10  (NL)

13. / 26.10.2019: E-Live Festival in Oirschot, de Enck - Set 2 / 17:30  (NL)

12. / 28.09.2019: Electronic Circus Festival in Stadthalle Detmold  (D)

11. / 22.09.2019: Weltkindertag Osnabrück - Marktplatz  (D)

10. / 24.08.2019: Playing live at the Schallwende Party in Ahlen  (D)

9. / 28.07.2019: Playing a private concert in Esens (D)

8. / 06.07.2019: Opening Winnies Schwingungen Gardenparty in Hamm with playing a 25 minutes Ambient set. 

7. / 22.06.2019: Taking part in the final jam session of The Electronic Spectrum Experience in Groningen (NL)

6. / 29.09.2018: Playing live performances at the synth exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold. 

5. / 07.07.2018: Playing my first short concert in Ahlen at the Schwingungen Scheunenparty. 

4. / 25.06.2018: Playing Nature storm, an improvisation and Porsche Drive 911 live in my class at school as a farewell  concert for my teacher. 

3. / 18.12.2017: Opening schools Christmas Party with playing a 5 minute improvisation. 

2. / 30.09.2017: Playing some small live performances on the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold. 

1. / 18.05.2017: Playing Porsche Drive 911 and a free improvisation in my class at school. 




Live equipment/setup:

Arturia Keystep Pro

Arturia Microfreak

Behringer Composer MDX-2100

Behringer DR-600

Behringer Edison

Behringer Eurorack 2642A

Behringer Model D

Behringer Mulitcom MDX-2400

Behringer Neutron

Behringer RD8 MKII

Behringer SNR-2000

Behringer VD400

Behringer VP1  (2)

Behringer VT999  (2)

Boss SX700  (3)

Emu ESI4000

Fame Fiber Echo

Korg AX1000G

Korg Poly800

Korg Volca Beats

Moog Sub Phatty

Moog Theremini

Neunaber Immerse MK1  (2)

Novation Bass Station 2

Novation Mininova

Roland D50

Roland JX8P

Samson S-Gate 4

SPL Vitalizer Jack

Yamaha SY-22

Zoom MS70CDR

Zoom R24

Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit