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My youtube

Composing Deep Space Alien Encounter (2018)

Creating an EBM sequence on Casio VZ-1

Official video for Running Electrons by Spacers Festival 

My second gig at the E-Live Festival on 26th, October 2019





Six videos from my gig at the Schallwende Party in Ahlen on 24th, August 2019










Playing Ambient at Winnie`s Schwingungen Gardenparty




Live at The Electric Spectrum Experience in Groningen




Anton Uraletz video of my gig at the Schwingungen Scheunenparty




First concert at Schwingungen Scheunenparty 




Ansgar recording in his studio




Ansgar opening schools Christmas Party




At Beat Brotherhood Studio in Ladbergen, October 2017




At the Electronic Circus Festival 2017 in Detmold:








Practising for the Electronic Circus Festival:








Ansgars first live performance with Porsche Drive 911 and a free improvisation:








Videos from others where I can be seen in:



Sequentia Legenda at Schwingungen Gartenparty 2017: 



 Electronic Circus 2018 by Globotom:   I can be seen from 02:55 to 03:25 min. 



Sankt Otten:




Sequentia Legenda:




Cosmic Hoffmann (R.I.P.):





Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit