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While hiking on 3rd, June 2018


In many cases when someone does something special some people automatically get skeptical. No one is to blame for this because its human nature. What Ansgar does is special and so its no wonder there are not just positive reactions. Most common thoughts are that he is forced to all this by overachieving parents, also that his music is not made by himself but by me (his father), etc. 



Does Ansgar has overachieving parents?:

As parents we are very proud on him, thats for sure. No way talking around it. Does this make us overachieving parents? I think the requirement for being overachieving parents is to more or less force the child to something the parents want but the child does not. This is not the case with Ansgar as you can read in the next paragraph. 



Is Ansgar forced to make music?: 

Not at all. When he was just 6 years old it was his idea to get a synthesizer and to start with making electronic music. He gets as much support as possible but its always him who wants to go on with making music. Sometimes when we have bad weather I tell him it would be a good opportunity to go on with music on that day and he decides if he wants to do so or not. Apart from this he is that kind of character you can barely force to anything. Everyone who tries experiences an extremly stubborn boy not willing to do anything anymore.

Recently Ansgar asked me how often I post news about him and his music on this webside, on Facebook, etc. and what has been the longest break in doing so. When I replied there were around two month in the end of 2016 without anything about him he ask me to take care there will be something about him at least every month....  Still anybody here suspecting its just his parents presenting him frequently?  ;)




Does Ansgar really compose all this music by himself?:

In general, yes. He starts with the basic idea for a track. That means he decides which style of music he wants to do and whats the topic of the respective track.  Then he chooses sounds and the key for the music. He makes the chord progressions, he composes sequences, basslines, drums and melodies. He also creates the basic arrangement of a track. So its 100% his composition and music. 

What he is not doing himself until now is programming sounds and doing the final mix. He also gets help with details of his arrangements. Of course I tell him how to produce that style of music he decided for. 



Does Ansgar have a normal childhood?:

Of course, yes. Making music is just a few hours every week and sometimes there are a few weeks he doesn´t switches on any instrument.  He visits school like every normal child, he plays with his brother and sister and his friends like every other kid. In our family he is the king in getting birthday party invitations. There are a lot of activities with the family like visiting the garden, hiking, visiting museums and concerts. He also likes holiday camps a lot where he stays for a few days with his brother and sister and friends. In winter time and on days with bad weather he likes playing with his tablet and he often can´t stop watching docus. 



Does Ansgar get all the electronic music instruments as a gift?: 

Instead of getting fixed pocket money Ansgar and his brother and sister get money for helping in the household, garden, shopping, etc.  In this point Ansgar is very diligent and works a lot voluntarily. So he has more money as an 11 year old boy usually gets and spents most of it for buying instruments. Of course he got some of them as a gift but most of them he payed with his self earned money. Meanwhile he also earned a little money from selling CD´s and playing live gigs.



Is Ansgar writing and editing this homepage himself?:

No, he does not. The writer of this page is Matthias Stock, his father. Ansgar will start learning english in 3rd class, starting in August 2018. He has some small english knowledge from watching docus, films and games but not more. Before writing or editing this page I discuss it with him, so there is nothing here he does not agree with or something he doesn´t like. 



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